OYL Group comprises of AAF International (air filtration and environmental products),    J&E   Hall (refrigeration and freezers)    and OYLM Group (air conditioning). Globally, the OYL Group employs a total of over 6,000 people in    factories, R&D facilities,    and    sales centres. In   2006, the OYL   Group   became part   of   Daikin   Industries Ltd   of   Japan, making   the   combined group  the    second    largest    HVAC    (Heating, Ventilation    and    Air    Conditioning) organization in the world. This has  created  a sizeable   organization   with  businesses  covering   Europe, US,  Asia and   emerging   markets   with   products    ranging   from residential   equipment   to large scale air conditioning    systems. The   aim    of    the synergy between Daikin and OYL is for the   Group   to    become    the Global    No. 1 leader   in the air   conditioning   market. In October 2009, Nikkei   Business   Magazine of Japan ranked  Daikin in the 3rd  position as an organization with greatest potential in the  manufacturing  sector  after Honda and Toyota. This   success   has  been    largely attributed     to Daikin’s   great   emphasis    on      R&D,    focus     on   quality      and  innovative products,   and People-Centered Management (PCM) as its core philosophy.
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